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Plants Rewrite Textbook Genetics - Speciation and Genome Evolution

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In a very interesting Nature paper this week, Lolle et al. report that Arabidopsis plants have been found to rewrite their parent's DNA and revert to that of their grandparents. Specifically, about 10% of hothead mutants homozygous for the hothead mutation were found to revert back to their grandparent's wildtype sequence. Evidence was found that this happens to other loci as well. They provide a convincing set of data to demonstrate that it is not likely contamination causing the reversions, and if demonstratd in other labs, this will add a previously unthought of mechanism to modern genetics. The authors propose that some sort of RNA store may be used as the template for rewriting the DNA, but it's not clear what the mechanism is at this point. Here's a decent news article on this: http://cmbi.bjmu.edu.cn/news/0503/104.htm
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Date:March 25th, 2005 07:58 pm (UTC)
thats incredible
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